Fear of Public Speaking


Making speeches in public or giving professional presentations can leave you with butterflies in your stomach and your legs feeling like jelly. Your mind can become cluttered and confused and your voice can race and somehow not convey the confident assured tone you had planned.

Hypnosis can often help students and academics who, are uncomfortable giving talks and seminars. Hypnotist also frequently see clients who are absolutely terrified of giving the best man or father of the bride’s speech at weddings, along with successful business people who just can’t get it together in the way they would like. Or perhaps a eulogy at a funeral.

Hypnosis can help with building up your confidence, calm and relaxation. You can learn how to recognize your body’s unique reaction to stress and anxiety and to develop new healthy and positive ways of thinking and feeling.

Public speaking techniques and skills

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of turning to jelly, you could learn to enjoy speaking in public, writing your own speeches and presentations and most importantly, getting your thoughts across in a calm, assertive and impressive manner? As a hypnotist I remove the reasons for your fears and teach a simple yet affective Self Hypnosis Technique.