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Painless Childbirth

Without a doubt, using hypnotism for painless childbirth is one of the most effective uses of hypnosis.

With the modern techniques available to us today, no woman should have to experience any discomfort during her delivery. Many physicians are now referring their pregnant patients for hypnotic childbirth conditioning.  The process is very easy for the prospective mother to learn and use with  total confidence.

The successful hypnosis program consists of about 5 individual sessions with the mother.

During these sessions, old thought patterns and ideas about the birthing process are re-conditioned.  The mother is then taught a powerful self-hypnosis technique that will be used during delivery.  This technique will cause her to be deeply relaxed, able to block any feeling of discomfort and be in control during the birthing process.

When the mother is able to stay deeply relaxed physically, yet mentally alert, her body performs the birth processes easily and effortlessly.  Hypnotic childbirth training has become so standardized and effective, there is no reason why any woman should have to have to strong chemicals injected into her body to achieve something they can do easily, naturally.

We at the Avalon Hypnosis Center have trained many women to have their babies effortlessly. If you would like to talk to us in greater detail about hypnotic childbirth and its many benefits, call (407) 492-7363 today.  You may decide a pain free birth is the option for you too.