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Hypnotherapy and Workouts

Hypnosis can improve workouts and help get you over that plateau! With hypnosis you can expect:

• Program endurance: The ‘will’ always breaks before the muscle unless you are specifically conditioned for endurance.

• Increase strength: Weight lifting increase bench press by 30% through hypnosis.

• Develop a new technique through in-trance visualization without the intervention of gravity. Used for sports where gravity prevents an athlete from practicing techniques in slow motion (i.e. Diving, Gymnastics.)

• Increase motivation: Improving the desire and dedication to train and perform hard.

• Improve focus: Eliminating mental distractions and barriers while training or performing.

• Install the self-image of an athlete: Change the view of the ‘under dog’ or ‘couch potato’ to that of a sports person.

• Install traits of a professional athlete.

• Increase an athlete’s speed by slowing down their perception of time, hence they will run faster, punch quicker etc.

• Remove hesitations/freezing/choking during competition.

• Learn to enjoy the ‘pain’ of sports.

• Revisit a previous good performance and set up anchors to trigger that resourceful state again when required.

• Good nutrition instillation: Change to fitness attitudes and behaviors. Stop viewing food as a source of taste pleasure to viewing food as a source of fuel for the body. (as athletes do)

• Remove mental obstacles to success: Fear of success or the repercussions that it may bring (i.e. Pressure to keep performing at a high level.)

• Install complex behaviors unconsciously: Reduces over consciousness of complex movements which can have an adverse effect on sporting abilities.

Hypnosis to Improve Athletic Performance

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to Athletes of all levels for Performance.  It helps them to:

  • Accelerate Athletic Performance
  • Focus On SuccessContrasty portrait of a sportsman
  • Enhance Sports Confidence
  • Release Mental Blocks, Fears and Limiting Beliefs

There are two ways in which imagery in hypnosis works to Improve Athletic Performance:

To Improve Athletic Performance, first, through training the mind and muscles to perform as you wish. The subconscious mind is like a giant computer that directs all bodily behavior and automatically accepts any image it receives as real and true. It lacks the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.  Once it “sees” the image of perfect Athletic performance it immediately sends electrical and chemical messages throughout the body, directing it to comply with what it perceives as real and true. Studies have shown actual duplication of muscle and nerve activity during imagery and even new neural growth as a result of imaging. This reinforces the learning and improves performance automatically. It is not all in your mind … actual physical changes occur as a result of Hypnosis and imagery.

Second, is the ability to be both relaxed and productive simultaneously. Numerous studies of top athletes recognize that their ability to perform with passion and emotion, while in a relaxed state, has a direct impact on their ability to perform so remarkably. Athletic Performance is inhibited by stress and Hypnosis teaches you to remove the blocks that inhibit peak Performance.

Mental Rehearsal, Regular visualization creates and reinforces the confidence necessary for top performance.  The visualized image convinces the subconscious that this achievement is possible.  The automatic nervous system performs in exactly the same manner as followed during a physical rehearsal.  Neuromuscular coordination improves.  “What your mind can conceive, you can achieve.”

How Hypnosis Works

Whether you desire to improve your personal Athletic Performance or are training for the Olympics, Hypnosis is a powerful tool for your success. Hypnosis can release any mental blocks, fears or limiting beliefs you may have that are keeping you from athletic excellence. Hypnosis also builds your personal self-confidence in yourself and your abilities, assisting you to focus on a successful outcome, instead of fearing a poor performance.

One of many effective tools used in Hypnosis to Improve Athletic Performance is called anchoring. A memory or image of Athletic excellence is recalled or imagined. When the client mentally reaches the peak of that performance excellence, the associated emotion is anchored or reinforced, producing what is commonly known as muscle memory. That memory or positive feeling is then automatically released during your peak performance times.

Hypnosis also helps you mentally focus on the performance itself, eliminating outside distractions and self-sabotaging thoughts so you are calm and capable of channeling all your energies into your physical activity.

Mental imagery is also incorporated into hypnosis for athletic performance. The fact of the matter is your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined experience. Some people are excellent at visualizing, while others are naturally kinesthetic or “feel” things. How would it feel to cross the finish line in your best time ever, or win the gold? What would you be feeling, thinking, seeing or hearing? Regardless of how you imagine a successful future event, your imagined success programs you in a direction for positive results.

According to the AOA (American Optometric Association), researchers have discovered that people use the same areas of the brain whether they actually perform or merely visualize an action in their mind. Studies conducted in 1998 by J. Stanos, a professor at Harvard University, have proven a definite link between visualization and performance. A group was taught how to use visualization and a placebo group was taught to just think about an unrelated activity. Those who used visualization before performing their task performed nearly perfectly, while the placebo group was only successful 55% of the time.

The Power of Your Mind!
Competition can be intimidating and fear of humiliation often results in diminished skills.  To overcome this, you can use hypnosis at any time during competition.  Once you have learned sports hypnosis techniques you can utilize self hypnosis in seconds.

Most athletes have experienced the exhilarating feeling of being in the zone” (groove, flow, etc.). When you use hypnosis you can be in the zone on command. Your opponents will never know you are using hypnosis in competition!

Self-hypnosis is best learned under the guidance of a Certified Hypnotist who understands your blocks as well as your goals for the future.  Learning self-hypnosis while in a state of hypnosis offers the added benefit of receiving a powerful  post-hypnotic suggestion or “trigger” that instantly facilitates the hypnotic state on command in your waking state, when you need it.

Hypnosis can’t guarantee you first place or the Olympic Gold, but it can dramatically Improve your Athletic Performance and your self-confidence. Begin today!


Golf and Sports using Hypnosis


Hypnosis is being used by many people to improve their performance in sports. Golf is probably the most popular sport which people use hypnosis techniques to help with, but it can also be used with many other individual and team sports, including football, rowing and cricket.

Hypnosis and sports are a very effective combination for many reasons.

Tiger Woods uses mental imagery in order to achieve results.

For example, Many Divers would visualise somebody else performing a dive and when he could see it carried out perfectly, he would imagine himself performing the same dive. Tiger Woods imagines himself producing the perfect swing and playing the perfect shot immediately before doing exactly that. He doesn’t hit bunkers or obstacles because in his mental images they don’t exist.

Imagery and mental rehearsal in sport

It’s no secret that sports men and women often incorporate imagery and mental rehearsal into their practice routines. What is less well known is how effective hypnosis can be in this process. When hypnotised you will be able to imagine yourself rehearsing and refining the perfect swing, the perfect goal or running the perfect mile.

Hypnosis can increase your inner beliefs and, in sports, belief is everything.

Fitness and Health

Hypnosis can be one of the most positive steps you take towards a healthy lifestyle.

It has long been known that learning self-hypnosis or meditation can have a very positive impact on your health.

There are many essential ingredients to becoming fit and healthy. Of course diet and exercise are crucial but what about a fit and healthy mind?

Deep relaxation techniques and stress management exercises can help you to focus inwards and start to really believe in yourself and your goals.

Sports Improvement with Hypnosis

Olympic athletes and sports professionals have been using hypnosis for years to enhance their skills to become the very best they can be.

Today, many up coming athletes would never be without their hypnosis conditioning on a regular schedule.  Many athletes even take their hypnotist with them when they are on the road.  Many Olympic athletes have their hypnotist with them at the games.

Some of the sports where hypnotic conditioning is actively used include:
Golf, Tennis, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer

All other things being equal, the truth is the athlete who is hypnotically conditioned to be the very best that he can be, will always out perform his competition.  Hypnosis for many professional and amateur athletes have been the one extra boost that has made them consistent winners.

A hypnotically conditioned athlete is calm, fearless and concentrated. His reactions are lightening fast and accurate.  He is mentally conditioned that he is the best and no one can easily out perform or psych him. The mental law, “What the mind expects to happen tends to be realized,” becomes the athlete’s reality.

If you want to become the very best athlete that you can be, hypnotic conditioning may be the best gift you can give yourself. If you would like to discuss how hypnotic conditioning can help you in your sport, call Avalon Hypnosis Center at (407) 492-7363.