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Testimonial, Wonderful and Amazing

Hi Katheryn, My Testimonial to you is a Wonderful and Amazing Think.

 I just wanted to say this Testimonial is to just how amazingly bizarre today’s session was.

 I have felt buoyant and exhausted all afternoon.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have opened up for me.  I was halfway home and wanted to turn around, run back into your office and pay you to stay for the rest of the day to do it again.  I don’t understand everything that happened to me today, or even fully understand how I’m feeling now.  I had to take some time to digest it all before I wrote this, because I wanted to rush home and just type a giant Thank You on the screen, but I thought that might be a bit impulsive. 

I know that I’m in turbo babble, but I just feel so incredibly full of positive emotion, I don’t know who else or how to even try to express it all.  I haven’t felt this serenely content in a very long time.  I couldn’t even try to tell you when the last time I felt like this was, if ever to this extent.  I am the only person who knows some of the things that I discussed today  I can’t begin to understand how you instilled that kind of trust in me for you.  But I am so very grateful that you did.  

So I guess that I just really want to say THANK YOU.  You have been wonderful for me and this Testimonial is to you.

C.R. (your poster child :


What Others Are Saying …

We are always honored when our clients take the time to provide testimonials.  Often these testimonials will inspire others to take action for themselves.

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“I am smoke free. Your session worked. Smoking does enter my mind, but I no longer have the craving. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life in order.”

“With you help I have won my struggle with weight loss. And believe me that was no easy task. Your techniques are wonderful, and best of all – they work!” John E.Testimonial for Katheryn Napier and Avalon Hypnosis Center

“Thanks again!  It’s been two weeks today and I’m doing great. I haven’t even considered having a cigarette.  Smoking two packs a day was time consuming and I didn’t even realize it.” Rob S.

“At first I was skeptical of hypnotherapy and afraid of letting a stranger into my subconscious. However, at our first meeting, your professional manner balanced with your intuitive and thoughtful insights alleviated all of my concerns. Thank you so much!” Willy F.

“I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous help through hypnotherapy. I have spent more than 14 years struggling with Bulimia, disordered eating, and a poor body image. Even after years of studying psychology, I could not figure our why I continued to succumb to self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. I felt like my mind was working against itself. Through your Hypnotherapy I have lost weight automatically with a drastic reduction in my binge and compulsive eating habits. I am sticking to healthier foods and have an increased motivation to wake up earlier and exercise. I am more productive and have found new ways to relax. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and will recommend you to others over and over.” L.C.

Another testimonial

“I am not sure where to begin. When I came to you I was a non-believer. I didn’t think that Hypnotherapy worked. I didn’t think that I was susceptible to the suggestions. I have so many problems with Insomnia. Every night I would go to bed just praying I could catch a wink. I would end up in front of the TV and I just stay up until sunrise and be weaker than I was the day before. I am not exaggerating when I say you have changed my life. Not only do I get a great nights rest, I am sleeping better than my wife now! I am now a BIG believer and will recommend your to anyone and everyone looking for this type of healing.” Tim H.

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