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Weight Loss and Health Classes In A Group Setting

Woman standing on a pair of scalesWeight Loss and Health Classes (c):
With Meditation/Hypnosis

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
hink Healthy*Think Happy*Think Wealthy

*Think Thin*Think Change                  

You’ve tried diets, you’ve tried exercise all of which is good. And yet we still fail to become healthier and happier and seem to never meet our goals.So perhaps you need a new approach, perhaps we need a Mind-Body and Spirit approach. 

  • Not only do we need nourishment for the body.
  • We need to fill the heart with joy and love and compassion for ourselves and others.
  • We need to fill our minds with knowledge, always growing, always learning.
  • We need to fill our souls, our spirit, with awareness, self-awareness.
  • We need to awaken the child within and think change. 

With change you can at a deeper level of understanding and acceptance to become healthier in all ways. Enriching your life, healing your life. This is a class that meets weekly for 3 weeks on Tuesday June 3, 10, 17th and July 8, 15,22 from 5:30p.m. till 7:30p.m. A nominal fee of $15.00 per week is required per person. This includes Handouts to improve the results of your classes.

What you will learn is how to nourish the mind, body and spirit as a whole.

  • You will learn the difference between meditation and self-hypnosis
  • We will teach you how to meditate
  • You will learn Self Hypnosis
  • Healing your body through proper nutrition
  • How to have Increased Self-Esteem
  • Pain Relieving Techniques
  • Releasing Past  Traumas
  • Increasing Your Energy
  • Balancing Your Energy
  • Learn Stress and Tension reduction techniques
  • Learn Life Coaching and techniques to restructure your life for a healthier happier you.

RSVP REQUIRED SEATING IS LIMITED    Please Call Katheryn Napier at 407-492-7363 

Check, cash or credit card accepted

Location will be at Central Fla. Zoo (17-92) Sanford, Fl. 32771

| (H)- ypnosis for Weight Loss | Avalon Hypnosis Center, 220 S Woodland Blvd #F, DeLand FL 32720 | (386) 490-4180

Weight Loss and Health Classes for You 

Why people with Cancer and other Illness’s use Hypnosis

Why people with cancer and other Illness’s use hypnosis.

Avalon Hypnosis Center

Avalon Hypnosis Center

With many types of complementary therapy, one of the main reasons people with cancer  and other Illness’s use hypnotherapy is to help them relax and cope better with symptoms and treatment. Hypnotherapy can help people to feel more comfortable and in control of their situation.

People with cancer most often use hypnotherapy for the side effects of Chemo, Radiation along with the treatment for sickness and pain. I have found through years of work with hundreds of Illness’s that the evidence is that hypnotherapy helps with these symptoms. It can also help with Depression and Anxiety and Stress that comes with Illness.

Many Doctors recognize hypnosis along with conventional treatment works very well. Which is wonderful as we need a medical referral to work with these patients.

Avalon Hypnosis is dedicated to helping Cancer patients and others with debilitating Illness’s. Not only is their success with the side effects from these illnesses, there is healing, total and complete remission in many cases.

We are the product of our environment and our lives. Heal the mind and the body will follow. Having said this I work a great deal with client that are indigent and need financial assistant with their health issues. I can and do in many cases do Pro Bono work. My time and business is also in need of help. If you can donate to this cause I will keep you informed on the progress of this cause if you desire. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. This is why people with cancer and other Illness’s use Hypnosis.


Self Empowerment: The Power of Words

Self Empowerment, the power of words can set you  | Avalon Hypnosis Center 220 S Woodland Blvd #F, Deland FL 32720 (386) 490-4180free.

Another important key in becoming self power is realizing how words affect the subconscious mind, especially when one of the subconscious gateways are open, as it is in Hypnosis.

Numerous religious books have been written throughout this century that recommend the use of affirmations. Just check the bookstore of your churches and you easily find books on affirmations.

For example:

Affirmations became more popular in the 70s and 80s, but all too few seem to know how to properly structure and use them. Used wisely, words become powerful tools to help us create motivation and success attitudes in the subconscious mind. If  misconstruction or misused, auto suggestions and affirmations can actually move or goals further from reach. So we must use caution when using affirmations.

Remember the old saying? Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. It is my professional opinion that inappropriate words can and do hurt us when a subconscious Gateway is open.

Allow me to illustrate my own personal experience, of how the power of words can produce Self Empowerment.

When my marriage broke up, my sales hit rock bottom even though I had always had success. a successful executive told me personally, ” Nobody does well in sales for two years after a divorce!” this negative idea entered my mind like a powerful hip on the suggestion. We call this eyes open hypnosis, NLP, neurolinguistic programming. Afterwards, I found myself still doing the same actions as in previous years, but without results. My sales plummeted, and the following year it dropped to a fraction of the previous level. All the self-help books of the world did not help. I went to my friend who was a hypnotist and he helped me through this. Perhaps another reason for me becoming a hypnotist.

Today I know what happened. During the crisis of the divorce, my subconscious mind believed what this friend of mine in authority had told me during a time of high emotional anxiety on my part. My mind replayed that suggestion like a broken record, and it became a negative affirmation. The Gateway of my subconscious mind was open because this was a person of authority, emotions were running high.Now let me share some other examples that many people relate to. A mother exclaims loudly to her child, “Don’t spill the milk!” The glass often gets tipped over within seconds,because the child’s mind immediately creates the image of spilling the milk. Also, parents often tell their children, “Don’t forget your coat!” Need I explain what happens next? next time, simply tell your child: Remember your coat.

A golfer may say, “I’m not going into the water. “ And where does the ball land? this same concept applies to other sports as well. For example, during an important baseball game, a teammate says,  “Don’t strike out!” How often does the feared strikeout manifest?

Because of the power of words, we need to be careful what we say. Careless use of negative statements just might enter one of the subconscious gateways with adverse results. Consider the risk of the following statements.

  • That makes me sick.
  • That gives me a pain in my_____.
  • This job is a headache.
  • I’m going to finish this if it kills me.
  • that almost gave me a heart attack.
  • That will be the death of me.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • This is a backbreaking job.
  • That makes me sad inside.
  • That burns me up, it makes my blood boil.
  • He ( she) is driving me crazy.
  • How could I be so stupid?

Have you found your self using any of these negative suggestions? These are the types of suggestions that can enter your subconscious mind, when there is a gateway opened.

An example of open gateways, may be nothing more than the repetition of the statements. or when you are sad, angry, tired, or people of authority saying things to you, whether they mean to harm you or not. The power of words can harm yourself and others.

As a hypnotist, I now understand the importance of semantics when dealing with the subconscious. Affirmations are like hypnotic suggestions, and must be constructed properly.

The power of words through affirmations, done properly can empower you.

And Hypnosis can produce a wonderful Self Empowerment for you, through the power of words for a happier more successful life.


Migraines and Headaches

Hypnosis Helps for the relief of

Migraines and Headaches

Many migraine attacks are caused by stress triggers. Learning to avoid those triggers or your response to them can help in the treatment of migraines and tension headaches.

In any form of pain treatment, a hypnotist will want to take comprehensive notes about the condition and will not use pain control techniques unless your doctor has diagnosed your headache as a migraine and recommended relaxation or stress management as a suitable treatment.

Hypnosis, and other forms of alternative medicine, can help indirectly with any kind of pain that is triggered by stress. This is achieved by teaching deep and rhythmic breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization or ‘guided imagery’. And Self Hypnosis, when the mind starts to recognize the triggers, then a client is taught to place themselves into self-hypnosis stopping the trigger from taking affect.

Hypnosis and It’s benefits for Cancer and Illness

Hypnosis and It’s benefits for Cancer and Illness

On the year before my 40th birthday I found myself in a great deal of pain and constant bleeding. What was meant to be a week was going on for months, which lead me to an appointment with my doctor. I had not seen a doctor in many years. After the exam he said I needed to wrap my thoughts around having surgery as soon as possible. I said what are you doing tomorrow?  That got a laugh from him. I was sent to another doctor who just vaguely mentioned cancer. Tumors of unknown origins were found to be the cause of the pain, and were sending false signals to my body telling it to bleed, everything in my life began to change. The prognosis was not good. I was told that the tumors had to be removed. That it had spread throughout and was growing rapidly. Unfortunately the only way they could remove it was to perform a hysterectomy. The doctor said I had about two years to live otherwise. Well, that was a lot to accept. And I couldn’t accept it. I had a life to live and I new this was not Gods plan. I was young, yet suddenly my life was nearly over. I felt that I probably wouldn’t live through that surgery and if I did that I would die of depression anyway. There had to be another way! They did some testing and I was scheduled for my hysterectomy.

I was alone in my hospital room in the evening after being told that a tumor was growing in my body. My heart was open and I was feeling the beauty of the little lights twinkling out my window and appreciating the flowers that filled my room, and I knew that I was not alone. I knew then that I wanted to live and to heal my life. To heal all the pain that had brought me to this point. In the stillness of that moment, an inner voice told me that I was going to be okay, that I had important work to do…and to let it begin now. This message became the foundation for my faith.

After the surgery, the doctor said Kemo and Radiation is a must to live. I said no to the doctor and without even realizing what I was doing.  I went straight toward my inner mind, body and spirit to speed my healing. I became a spiritual warrior on a quest to heal my life. I felt that the pain and anger I carried in my heart had created this illness. I knew that I had to learn to love myself in a much greater way and to forgive myself and all others. I had a lot of spiritual support around me and my faith was strong. I asked that I be guided to the highest healing places for me and that I be allowed to live and to heal my life, so that I might be a living example of God’s great healing energy. And I was guided. I worked with some remarkable healers that helped me to gain a better understanding about illness and healing and about myself.

It was during this time I was guided to Hypnotherapy with a friend of mine, this time it was for my healing. With its gentle and powerful processes I was able to get to the heart of the matter quickly, which is what I needed. It helped me clear away the misperceptions that I carried about myself and others that caused me pain and suffering. It was a pathway that showed me how to love myself as I recovered and discovered lost parts of my Self, including the deepest and most divine places within me. Because I was in great need of healing, I was willing to do whatever it took to find a way to heal.

My biggest single breakthrough happened on a beautiful spring day. I remember how the colors and the fresh air and the beauty touched my awareness. Every breath I took was filled with gratitude, just for being alive and somehow knowing I was being guided. That day with hypnosis I was gently guided on a journey inside my body to meet that part of my body that had stored this illness. I was surprised to find a dark mass of black goop there. This moved me to tears because my image of the cancer was not what I expected. I had actually found a mass that fit my thoughts and image of the cancer, it was heavy and filled with anger and I ceremoniously smashed that mass to smithereens with a sledgehammer, demanding the cancer to leave my body.

When I met this dark mass something very different was evoked within me. I knew I was making progress, this was a much different and better image. My hypnotist guided me to speak with this mass that represented the tumor. To ask whatever questions I wanted to ask. The first question I asked was “Why did you come here?” The reply was, “I was asked to come here.” By whom? “By You. The young women you once were, Listen, she is here.” The little girl I met that day was frightened, lonely and indeed, abandoned. She was terribly frightened in so many ways; There was fear of abuse and abandonment, fear of others’ anger, and fear that she really didn’t deserve to be loved. I was so deeply moved by this child part of myself. How long she had been neglected? As I talked with her and tried to win her trust, I asked her how I could help. She said she wanted to be free…free to be herself and express love and joy as much as she could. But there had been so much fear and pain and anger that she didn’t know whether she could stand to live any longer. I found a strength and power within me that made a bold rescue of the little girl, and I made a vow to give her all the love, freedom, attention and healing that she needed. She was no longer abandoned and alone. I had recovered a part of myself that was essential to my healing.

Together we returned to speak with the tumor and I asked the dark black mass what is your name?” the reply was: “Anger.” This made me cry because that was the feeling I had when the doctor told me my fate, strong Anger. I asked, “Why did you come to me in this way?” The response changed my awareness forever. “I came to help you. You were needing to make important changes in your life that you were afraid to make on your own. I heard your call for help.” The dark mass tumor had come to help me! I cried as I came to realize and accept that this illness was here to teach me and to help me.

I made friends with the tumor that day and I made a connection with my inner child. These experiences changed the course of my life. From that moment on I wholeheartedly listened to the wisdom of the illness and I embraced my inner child. By loving her I have learned to love all of my Self, deeply, gently, with compassion and kindness and to release the past and to forgive those whom I had harbored such anger. I had found at last the inner strength and spiritual resources needed to make the necessary changes. Answers came from within me and I learned to trust myself and believe in myself. I made many changes in my life over those years.

*****2 years later the cancer was still completely gone. It has now been eighteen years since that day in the doctors office. My cancer remains in “remission”. More importantly, to this day that little girl is an integral part of my life and her new happiness fills my life with joy. So if I have left you with nothing else it would be ………….YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE………..Have faith in yourself and your God given right to heal yourself.Hypnosis and It’s benefits for Cancer and Illness has been a life changing event in Pixmac000079841749my life.

Getting Over A Relationship

Getting OverA RelationshipTwo half of heart with an inscription "My love"


Hypnosis can help you with Getting over a Relationship, it will help you to  come to terms with the end of the particular relationship that never seems to leave your mind.

And will enable you to move on emotionally… and feel fresh and open to life again! When a relationship ends, even when you know it had to, or it was your idea, it can be difficult to manage your emotions for a while. The old cliche that ‘Time is the Great Healer’ is absolutely true, but sometimes it can take much longer than you think it should. So we can give time a helping hand in putting that relationship where it needs to be,  in the past as far as your emotions are concerned.  This doesn’t mean that you will forget about what was good about that relationship if you don’t want to – let’s face it – just about all relationships have happy elements to them, at least in the beginning.

After a session, you’ll notice that the relationship will start to take up less time and space in your mind and you will expend less emotional energy thinking about it. The past is the past. And that is the kind of thinking you’ll be able to develop about that relationship.

And you’ll find you can actually practice getting that more detached feeling on a daily basis.  I’d just like to mention another important aspect. Often people think that the latest relationship was somehow ‘meant to be’ or that it was ‘the one’, which can lead to feelings that you may never have another relationship as good or intense in the future. This is an illusion, that has a lot of false meaning. With Hypnosis and YOUR DESIRE to change can be achieved.

There are literally millions of potential partners out there, hundreds of thousands of which would meet your needs. It’s the emotion you are feeling at the moment that leads to that sort of thought, but it is not true, so please don’t be fooled by the feeling that there’s only one person for you… it’s so easy to get that idea.

There will be opportunities for you in the future, whether you believe me or not.

Getting over a relationship, a lost love can will be easily achieved through the use of Hypnosis.