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Drug Addiction – There is Hope with Hypnosis

A firm commitment needs to be made to eliminate the grip that some drugs have on many people. One session is not enough; I have found that several back to back sessions prove to be the most effective.

Battling the feelings of guilt, numbness, anger, sadness, and loneliness that come from substance abuse can be the most difficult part of your recovery. These emotions come and go quickly during healing and increase the urge to use again. Hypnosis can provide you with the tools to handle everyday life and these emotions again.

Ask yourself: Prior to your particular substance abuse, what was the nature of the original motivation and emotional reward of the drug? What did it seem to do for me that was good? The majority of us cannot truly explain what originally motivated today’s behavior. Sometimes a certain smell, sound, scene in a movie, or reaction from another person can send us into a series of emotional reactions that are so habitual themselves that they 
have become uncontrollable. This is the subconscious mind steady at work. The reason that this point is so important is because treating addiction is next to impossible unless the reason for the first repeated use is identified. You need a tool to access your subconscious mind, learn what event(s) in your life caused this myriad of emotions that the subconscious mind is working on overtime to protect your conscious mind from. 

Without a doubt Hypnosis works hand in hand with Drug Rehab very well.