Testimonial, Wonderful and Amazing

Hi Katheryn, My Testimonial to you is a Wonderful and Amazing Think.

 I just wanted to say this Testimonial is to just how amazingly bizarre today’s session was.

 I have felt buoyant and exhausted all afternoon.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have opened up for me.  I was halfway home and wanted to turn around, run back into your office and pay you to stay for the rest of the day to do it again.  I don’t understand everything that happened to me today, or even fully understand how I’m feeling now.  I had to take some time to digest it all before I wrote this, because I wanted to rush home and just type a giant Thank You on the screen, but I thought that might be a bit impulsive. 

I know that I’m in turbo babble, but I just feel so incredibly full of positive emotion, I don’t know who else or how to even try to express it all.  I haven’t felt this serenely content in a very long time.  I couldn’t even try to tell you when the last time I felt like this was, if ever to this extent.  I am the only person who knows some of the things that I discussed today  I can’t begin to understand how you instilled that kind of trust in me for you.  But I am so very grateful that you did.  

So I guess that I just really want to say THANK YOU.  You have been wonderful for me and this Testimonial is to you.

C.R. (your poster child :