Stop Smoking

Are You Ready to Finally Stop Smoking?

Hypnosis is a proven, reliable therapy.  As with any therapy you have to “want” to quit smoking.  There, I said it, got that out right up front.  With that in mind many things are possible with hypnosis. Now, let’s talk about more details of using hypnosis to finally stop smoking.

You must want to stop smoking … for the right reason.

Hypnotic suggestion will be rejected and there will be no change if you want to stop smoking for the wrong reason. Even though they sound good, wrong reasons can include:

  1. Your doctor wants you to stop.
  2. Your spouse or your kids are pressuring you to stop.
  3. You fear sickness or death.
  4. Because it has become socially unacceptable.
  5. Or you are tired of burning holes in your clothes or furniture.

If these were valid reasons, your mind would have already made you a non-smoker.

The only right reason to stop smoking is about attitude!

The only right reason to stop smoking from a hypnosis point of view, is if a person can hold a cigarette in his hand, look at it and honestly say to himself,

“I don’t like you and I don’t want you in my life anymore.”

This, and only this, mental attitude allows the hypnosis suggestion to enter the person’s subconscious mind and change can begin. The other “wrong” reasons can then become excellent support attitudes.

How many sessions does it take?

How many hypnosis sessions are required for a person to become completely free from the cigarette habit depends to a large degree on the way the hypnotist was trained. A few exceptionally well-trained hypnotists can easily help the client achieve his goal in just one session. Most hypnotists though, will use a program consisting of 2-3 sessions. Some clients will want to stop using a slow cutting back method. This method is usually not as effective or recommended as it does not show the proper motivation by the client.

You don’t have to gain weight in the process!

A well-trained hypnotist will include in the stop smoking session powerful suggestions to eliminate the desire to overeat or the increased desire for the flavor of sweets. Using this technique, many people who are a little overweight going into the session will have a tendency to shed those excess pounds after the hypnosis program is completed.

If you truly desire to stop smoking and honestly have the right reason, “I don’t like you and I don’t want you in my life anymore.” Then you can have the greatest chance of becoming a healthy non-smoker for the rest of your life.  Invest in your life and decide today to become a non-smoker.

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