Reduce that Stress

Reduce that Stress “Life’s is to short.”Adult business man with stress  I know you’ve heard that before,Reduce that Stress or else.

Negativity is contagious, but so is Happiness. Which feels better to you? Start today and feel better tomorrow.   I remember my father saying “Smile and soon it will all be better.” He was right, when you smile even when you force the smile, soon it really does become your reality.

And you really don’t need a reason to be happy, I mean what are you waiting for, as they say create your own reality. Of course I’m not saying you should put your head in the sand and walk around with a silly grin on your face all day. Just try smiling, and soon you will create an inner peace that at the very least helps someone else with their day.

This leads me to some great tips on How to Reducing That Stress. And learning to make a habit out of being happy.

1. If its money that you feel makes you happy, avoid situations that make you feel deprived- seek out situations where things are in your favor.

2.You may want to look at those negative thoughts a little closer. As they say, “step outside the box.” Then try a happier positive thought.

3.Gratitude: Research shows that daily affirmations of gratitude raises you’re level of happiness. Make your lists today of what you are grateful for, and say it daily.

4.Progress makes people feel better. Design your day so you have a feeling of progress. My father always liked to mow his grass so he could have instant gratification.

5. Studies show couples are happier and live longer than single people. Make friends and be a friend. Try to hangout with happy people. Get involved in helping out in your community.                                   

6.Try sending love or positive thoughts to people. Find something nice to say to others, not only will they fill better, you will too. Many people are  deprived of simple compliments. Make a heart happy today.

Which leads me to another topic Hypnotherapy and how it can help Reduce and oreliminate bad stress and it’s effects upon your “Mind, Body and Spirit. All the above suggestions and more can be reinforced with the use of Hypnotherapy.