Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Utilizing Self Hypnosis

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How to utilize Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss plus Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Massage Therapy, Personal Training and a all Natural Supplement for Weight Loss

¬†Weight loss, in America seems to be a constant battle, with a fast food restaurant on every corner, with all those delicious foods that stick to your ribs. Add to that, we are rushing everywhere we go, never taking time to do what’s best for our bodies.

Hypnosis and weight loss is a wonderful tool, but by itself may not be enough. Yes it’s true, if you want to lose 10 or 20 pounds hypnosis is great when all we’ve done is gotten into some poor eating habits.

But obesity is on the rise, so myself and a few other professional women have put together a more complete and balanced weight loss program. Through the use of some of the following we have found a more balanced, complete program for weight loss.

 Utilizing what we call TEAM WEIGHT-LOSS

  • A Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotist using Hypnosis-learning self hypnosis
  • A Board-Certified Acupuncturist using Acupuncture-two unblock areas of resistance to weight loss.
  • A Board-Certified Massage Therapist using Lypomassage- which is a massage technique for breaking down cellulite, so it can move freely out of your body.
  • A Board-Certified Chiropractor to help with the weight loss by freeing the body’s movements and clearing a path to release the toxins as they break down.
  • A master instructor and personal trainer instructing and showing techniques best used to eliminate and firming the body.
  • An all natural weight loss supplement, to help suppress appetite, curb sugar cravings, accelerate fat loss, increased energy, while detoxing the body.
  • Professional Life Coaching to help maintain the positive attitude to for this change.

The demand for a more complete and permanent weight loss program, America has spoken.

America is looking for a solution.

We offer Hypnosis for Weight Loss classes on an on going basis as demand is on the rise for change.