Golf and Sports using Hypnosis


Hypnosis is being used by many people to improve their performance in sports. Golf is probably the most popular sport which people use hypnosis techniques to help with, but it can also be used with many other individual and team sports, including football, rowing and cricket.

Hypnosis and sports are a very effective combination for many reasons.

Tiger Woods uses mental imagery in order to achieve results.

For example, Many Divers would visualise somebody else performing a dive and when he could see it carried out perfectly, he would imagine himself performing the same dive. Tiger Woods imagines himself producing the perfect swing and playing the perfect shot immediately before doing exactly that. He doesn’t hit bunkers or obstacles because in his mental images they don’t exist.

Imagery and mental rehearsal in sport

It’s no secret that sports men and women often incorporate imagery and mental rehearsal into their practice routines. What is less well known is how effective hypnosis can be in this process. When hypnotised you will be able to imagine yourself rehearsing and refining the perfect swing, the perfect goal or running the perfect mile.

Hypnosis can increase your inner beliefs and, in sports, belief is everything.